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Last updated: December 06, 1999

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Pictures from Thanksgiving 1999, Mojo and little sister Leslie, and with Jane and Leslie's boyfriend Ed.

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Me and my purple Gold Wing on the Central California coast during a Memorial Day vacation 1998.

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On the Yosemite Valley floor walking a trail toward Yosemite falls, June 1998.

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At a New Year's Eve party, Dec. 31, 1998

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Sitting at the main anchor desk at CNN, and working behind the scenes. CNN is a client and customer of the company I work for. (I live in California and work for Virage, Inc.)

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On vacation at the Kennedy Space Center, December 1998.

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Quickcam pictures of me at my home office desk with my ex-cat Scotty. Scotty is an orange tabby whose full name is Butterscotch Sundae Jones.

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Me in about 1996, 60 lbs. heavier. (See WW Journal.) The picture is at a vista point along Carson Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains, CA Highway 89.
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